How do I increase my food cap?
To increase your output of food you must upgrade your farms. Every level of farm allows for more food production. You must have food production to support your population.
How do I defend my kingdom?
As long as you have troops stationed in your village, they will automatically defend the village.
How do I attack?
Once you have units available place them in your active army by selecting your castle (manor, castle, fortress) and clicking the manage army icon in the action panel. This will allow you to move units from your available units to active army. Once you have done that find your opponent on the world map. Select their kingdom and then select the attack icon in the action panel. From here you can select which army you would like to send. The army will take some time to travel to the destination; to check the status of this find the army under the armies tab. During the battle you will receive battle reports every 5 minutes. When the battle is over your army will return home.
How do I make a new kingdom?
To start a new kingdom you either need to conquer a rebel npc (non player character) or another player's kingdom. In addition you must have sent a crowned royal heir.
How do I make a royal heir?
To make royal heirs you must have a royal estate. A royal heir can then be added to your army.
How do I crown my royal heir?
To crown your royal heir it must gain 100% EXP. To do this you must send your heir into battle - with successful kills he will gain EXP - which can be viewed in the report. Be careful though as your heir can die. Watch the reports as they happen - if the heir starts to lose too much HP recall your army so you do not lose your royal heir.
How do I make troops?
You must either have a barracks, stable or siege workshop to build all of the army units and siege weapons. Select the building and then click the recruit unit icon in the action panel. Doing so will allow you to see any units that you can build.
How can I change my kingdom's name?
You must have the general advisor. You can then click the cities tab and can double click the name of the kingdom to change the name.
How do I make an alliance?
Click the crown alliance icon in the header of the interface to make an alliance.