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possible ideas for clean up of site
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Old 09-09-2016, 08:11 PM
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Lightbulb possible ideas for clean up of site

i believe the DAW team not only should but really needs to go through the site (ie: forums,help pages,faq's,forum posts,quick links,and profiles to name a few big ones)

and clean it up!
get rid of "un-useful" outdated posts
make sure all pages are there for players access
make sure it is ALL up to date (really hard to have a game take off if all info is from early 2000)
delete or hide "game bashing" posts
promote forums such as player profiles, in game fixes that are currently being worked on,feature requests etc...

and most of all a prompt response to any member from the daw team to any forum post or reply and SOME kind of notification "in game" that the post was infact responded to.

its great that the in game mods do respond to us what is not so awesome is they very rarely have any info so all we get is "we dont know"
how is a player suppose to figure stuff out if the only ppl answering questions don't have any answers.... EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!

we can post bug reports but we dont recieve mail back saying anything about them we are to just suspect the daw team is got it covered.and to search through all the random "un-necessary" crap on forums to find simple threads (such as feature requests since i had to ask kaly to show me where to find it) is not ideal and will deter new players away.

i personally have started my own bug list and feature fix/additions page since i have started world 6 with only 15 days left in it and i have at least 15 bugs and 7 additions that would help this game along but i will post that after world 7 is introduced as "NOBODY" has a clue to whether anything has been changed or worked on or fixed so need that info so it does not back track the devs.

so please daw team take this into consideration , clean up your site a bit and bring it up about 10 yrs to 2017 so there is no more confusion caused from posts dated 2008 and helpful "working" info on the game in 2017.

thank you
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Old 09-16-2016, 11:25 PM
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Greetings tymms,

Thank you for your feedback! We will indeed be cleaning up the forums. And, in fact, had already started to do so. Please be patient, as JR and I are volunteers and also hold down paying jobs and have families that need our attention, too. So, we will clean things up as we can.

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2017, bugs, in game features, site clean up

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