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Post Group Decision about Beta 2

Greetings Lords and Ladies of Beta 2,

I am sure by now you all know there was serious bug exploit in the round yesterday. The result corrupted the amount of gold held by most players and therefore gave some players an unfair advantage.

There was a decision made in the chat on Beta 2 yesterday that will leave Beta 2 open...

1) New Enrollment to Beta 2 will end
2) The round will be allowed to continue to it's normal end date
3) Players who organized the exploit and came clean about what they did were sanctioned - players who did not come clean were permanently banned

Also, you may have found your amount of gold was adjusted... this was done to generally correct your gold level to remove the impact of the exploit. There was also a game bug that gave out random "free" distributions of 8 coin. This was corrected too.

You should still have any gold...

1) That you paid for
2) That you earned through quests
3) That you earned via referrals

Minus anything you spent in-game.

Hope this is helpful info for everyone!

Regards, JR

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