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Question Request for Pure Skill Beta Round

The following is a capture of the chat log on this subject...

EmpireofArnor:*JR I got a request when 1 is over
JRRayder:*sure EA - you have the floor
JRRayder:*your request is?
EmpireofArnor:*when 1 is over would like to see a round brought forth with no shop no gold pure blood guts n glory from ground up
ibuiltthewheel:*i like that EA
AndyMcG:*that would be cool EA
inga:*game has to make money to progress, thats always the kicker though
JRRayder:*it is a basically what b1 is right now
neronare:*need to pay entry
neronare:*you pay a once off fee for the round and then it could survive like that yeah?
JRRayder:*yeh the balance point of making a profit is always part of the equation
ibuiltthewheel:*yeah, but how many people actually would?
neronare:*tbh, i dont think i would
neronare:*worth a go, though
inga:*thats an interesting idea neronare
ibuiltthewheel:*i honestly will not spend a dime for the entirety of this game
AndyMcG:*so have 3 boards running....2 earn money and one is for the die hards
JRRayder:*it has to be economically viable across all the rounds
EmpireofArnor:*I'd put forth something to help do it
EmpireofArnor:*where it could be open for all
EmpireofArnor:*everyone would be on even ground no churchs
neronare:*only problem is when you have a busy week at work, normally you buy some gold to sort of try and rebalance yourself, how do you do that with no gold
ibuiltthewheel:*what if they could pick their religious affiliation and be offered different types of troops based on that?
inga:*maybe a speed round
neronare:*Oo speed round with no shop or gold XD
EmpireofArnor:*lol give me the pegan gods lol
neronare:*whatchu think eoa?
JRRayder:*can we pause just a second - i want to start a forum entry for this and i need to capture the chat log ;-)
inga:*arn you played tw right
neronare:*now that makes it a bit more entertaining
AndyMcG:*now we're getting all over the board

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im pretty happy with that actually, some good ideas there
IF there was such a round we all know who would be number one
*cough* TBR
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Default My input on it

pure free for all round to test each players skills to the limits, I think this would be exciting for all as it would put everyone one on even ground. There would be no advantages, so no one could cry it wasn't fair *LOL* pure blood guts n glory round
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