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Default No battle reports

I and my alliance partners are currently at war with another player character here on D.A.W. When war broke out I received Battle Reports. But now as the war has rocked back and forth I only know that I am succeeding in my attacks from the messages on the chat box.
I receive messages such as "your troops have arrived at ....... and your troops have looted ........ of 600 iron 600 stone and 500 wood.
or "Your troops have defeated ......... but are unable to conquer as it is a capital city

I also notice that his loyalty has also gone down in each of his cities that I have attacked. But soon pick up.

In addition to that after checking my troops none of my units require retraining and my total troop numbers don't change. If I am damaging this player then I should be able to conquer his smaller cities as well. I have been at war for almost a month and the number of attacks on this player have been between 5 - 23 daily.

But here is the kicker! My alliance leader and other members are being attacked by this players armies of up to 5k. These are regular attacks. My leader / alliance members get no battle reports either. Until I get those battle reports this player can hide where ever he wants

Is this common , have other players experienced this happening?

If someone can tell me what to do to get battle reports then it would be appreciated.

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Hello? Admin or mod? Some one should see this!
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See what, exactly? An issue from over 8 months ago that is no longer an issue? Why? And why are you bumping a ton of old threads? Just FYI: There's no award for post counts here.
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