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Exclamation New Bug Reporting Link

Greetings Lords and Ladies of DAWland,

There is now a new link (just above the chat window) where you can report your bugs. Please use this feature from now on.

Regards, JR - For the DAW Team
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Default tutorial

my tutorial is stuck on part two 14/18 it says to build a farm but it wont let me and it keeps pointing to the timber it says to choose a yellow flag but i cannot and i also cannot skip the tutorial

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I have used that link to report something and I have had no reply.
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Ditto. Reporting bugs via the stated link doesn't illicit any response what-so-ever. My bug report has sat there for a couple of days now!!!
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Default Stone Wall Level 3

I had a stone wall level 3 (18,36 Ashley Providence) now it is a wooden wall. I am not sure what happened to the stone wall.
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Check your battle reports you have maybe been attacked and your wall destroyed.

Hope this clears up the confusion and answers your post.

Best of luck
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Default bugs

I am getting realy tired of having to fill out bug repots ok and nothing is getting done. we have no replies to any of them and you want me to bye gold. up untill the bug s arefixed and i can get my troops back i wont bye gold.
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Exclamation Tutorial Problem

I was working on the tutorial help until when I came back, it WAS GONE!WHAT HAPPENED???!!!
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The tutorials are bugged for everyone. I'm sure barbosaadmin and arion are working on fixing it.

If you've not gotten very far and aren't in love with your capitol's location, you might try quitting that server and rejoining it. That has worked for at least one person I know.

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Default New yellow arrows

This new addition is a good/bad thing. Its nice to see a big visual for arrival time, and to be able to recall. There are 2 problems with the way it exists now; 1) If you have several attacks coming from one city, the arrows can cover the city, and you can't click on the city to do Trade, or Movement. 2) I would also like to be able to recall an attack IN PROGRESS....without paying for the General. We used to be able to do that many Betas ago, when you could 'move' them from an attack and have them 'move' back to the originating city.
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