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12th Century Chat in a 21st Century World
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Old 04-08-2013, 06:59 PM
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Exclamation 12th Century Chat in a 21st Century World

Before this all gets any more out of hand. Let me review what is and isnt appropriate in the context of DAWland chat. And to be clear to allow players to play an in-game persona that fits the 12th Century, some topics and words may be offensive by modern standards of political correctness but perfectly fine in an in-game in-period use.

What Will Get You Banned

I am generally on the lookout for topics (things that are illegal in any century) and words that are inappropriate (beyond U.S. PG). I watch for multi-accounting and attempts to hack the game. But at the end of the day - this is a WAR game and it is set in the 12th Century.

What is appropriate but may be distasteful to some

Bluster, in-game threats, somewhat crude topics and words can be part of the in-game persona people play to help them become part of the era of the 12th Century. Over the past two weeks I have received countless e-mails about tasteless comments, sexist chatter and heaven forbid Player-vs-player attacks ;-) I investigate every one of them but I am NOT a mind-reader. I cannot know if someone is being a troll, is just trying to mess with people in chat OR is playing a persona. And neither can any of you!

In the old days if you didn't like what someone said in chat - you took note and unloaded an army on them at your earliest opportunity.

Some Other Questions That Came Up in Chat Today

Goodtimes: I truely believe there is no reason to ever name call. That erks me the most, is name calling

jemma: if a persona chat is found offensive by another then shurley it need
investigating regardless what your personal thoughts are .. a name is offensive in some country but not another

JRRayder: and yet - name calling and bluster were part of the things that set off a good many 12th century battles

JRRayder: jemma - i do look at every complaint

Zany_J: now it's becoming a lil complicated

JRRayder: but a name that doesn't get caught by the language scanners is probably US PG appropriate

JRRayder: i am ASKING for a modicum of understanding that offense has to be intended and taken

JRRayder: and that is my point - I'm done ;-)

Zany_J: But JR how about those female players who aren't use to this kind of offensive languages?

JRRayder: let's put two words out here for the world to respond to

JRRayder: "wench"

EmpireofArnor: well thats just like the other day someone took ref. to the term wench I used in a post

jemma: im a female player and game chat does not offend me within reason plus i sure as darn can give it back but prsonal attacks are forbidden

Goodtimes: key word for evil womenof the time period would be "witch" which could be offensive to some

EmpireofArnor: I used it in a rp issue pondering where the wench is that was suppose to bring me my meade and roasted turkey leg

JRRayder: that was my second word ;-) sic [witch]

Jube: I want JRR's job.......NOT!!!!!

Zany_J: true Jube... tough!

Lumins01: depends on how they are used as to how they are taken lol

EmpireofArnor: wasnt ref. anyone and boy did that get hammered *LOL*

JRRayder: i can't possibly react every time someone uses the term "wench" or "witch" and there are thousands of other topics and terms that I cant respond to in ANY way. And yet someone might still take offense. Slaughter of horses, mire in the moat, medieval illnesses and cures, dungeons, serfdom need I go on

Summing It Up

I cant possibly police the chat to the extent that I keep others from being offended. Nor could any number of additional moderators keep the peace in a situation where people are intending to offend OR intending to be offended. If the standards of 21st Century political correctness are to be applied strictly to personas and role-play within the DAW chat then the chat will just die. I am putting this in the public forums and I expect it will be a lightning rod for many replies. But I also hope it helps you understand why I take action and often dont take action when complaints are sent my way.

Regards, JR Game Moderator
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